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Chicken Gyoza Dumplings
This is the gyoza of popular ramen shop in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture.


Royco Sup

Royco Sup
Royco Rasa Ayam and Rasa Sapi are in stock.



The coco, pandan flavor and melon flavor syrups are in stock.



Price Tags of Halal Foods

The green price tags indicate the halal, non-alcoholic, or no pork foods.

Recommended Items

Fresh Fruits

Cupid Yamato is the one-stop food store. It is very useful, because you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, fishes and sweets along with halal foods.

Zona Crisps

The emping pedas, kemplang goreng, keripik tempe daun jeruk purut kaffir lime, and keripik pisang are in stock.

naubahar Basmati Rice

Basmati rices are always in stock!

Frozen Herbs

Frozen lemon grass (sereh), galangal (lengkuas), kaffir lime leaves (daun jeruk), and curry leaf (daun kari)

KING'S FISHER Canned Sardines

Sardines in bangkok sauce and chilli sauce

Arare Rice Crackers

These Japanese crackers are no pork snacks!

KOMODO Krupuk Udang

This is the shrimp crackers that essential for Indonesian cooking or just snack time.

Brahim's Cooking Sauce

Four types: Fish curry sauce, rendang sauce, chicken curry sauce, and honey chicken sauce

RUSTO'S Tempeh

This is delicious and reputation in Indonesia.

PADMA Vegetable Samosa

For Halal and Vegetarian. It sells well in our shop.

Frozen Cream Daifuku

These are the sweets made by a famous Japanese confectionery manufacturer in Niigata-ken. Please try by all means!
For Halal


These are non-alcoholic, or no pork sweets, and the very popular sweets for Japanese people.

KOBE Bon Chili, Spicy chilli sprinkle

Spicy level 10, 15, and 30

Otafuku Organic Okonomi sauce

For okonomi-yaki sauce. Halal certified and for Vegan product.

BANGO Kecap Manis

This is a great sauce for cooking and topping your meals. Refill is also sold.


This is appreciated for its superior quality and its unique honeyed taste.

Cooking Recipes

Curry bread bowl

Excellent compatibility of curry and melting cheese! It is easy to make delicious.


It is a soft rusk.

Stir-fry green leafy vegetables and baby scallop

It is a stir-fry with soy sauce flavor.


Opened a free Wi-Fi in our shop!

It can be used only during business.

We lowered the price of Halal chicken!

New Price: 858 yen (excluding tax)

Service points days

Every Sunday: three times points
9th, 19th, and 29th of every month: double points