Halal Foods, for Vegan and Vegetarian

Please purchase after checking package that Halal mark on it.

* Price is subject to change without notice.
* About stock status, contact shop staff.

Frozen Meat

We sell the following frozen meat at our shop.
Beef, lamb, mutton, goat, chicken, duck, etc.

Processed Foods

We sell the following processed foods at our shop.
Sausages, chicken nuggets, pickles, spreads, cheeses, instant foods, etc.

Beans, Powders, Rices, Breads and Noodles

We sell the following beans, powders and rices at our shop.
Beans, atta powder, coconut milk powder, rices, chapati, paratha, breads, dry noodles, instant cup noodles, samosa, etc.

Ketchups, Spices, Sauces and Oils

We sell the following ketchups, spices and sauces at our shop.
Ketchups, tomato paste, mayonais, vinegars, hing, chilis, gram masala, coriander, cumins, peppers, mixed spices, etc.

Sweets, Snacks and Drinks

We sell the following sweets, snacks and drinks at our shop.
Dates, crackers, cookies, coconut milk, juice, condensed milk, turkish ice , etc.