Japanese Foods

The following items are always available for purchase in our shop.
There are halal, non-alcoholic, or no pork foods.

* Depending on the season it may not be in stock.

Arare Rice Crackers

These are no pork snacks.


These are traditional Japanese ingredients called "Fu", no pork and non-alcoholic foods. We usually use them in miso soup and stew.

Since we want you to eat "fu", we introduce the easy recipes.


These are non-alcoholic, or no pork sweets.


There are used as a substitute for meat. No tempe.
There are dry and retort types.
Net Weight: Minced 100 g, fillet and block type 90 g
Method of preservation: Store at room temperature, avoid direct
Country of origin: Japan
no animal and non-alcoholic
For Vegan and Vegetarian
Price: each 328 yen (excluding tax)

Japanese Rice

Uonuma produces the most delicious rice "Koshihikari" in Japan.