Price Tags of Halal Foods

The green price tags indicate the halal, non-alcoholic, or no pork foods.

What's New!

Opened a free Wi-Fi in our shop!
It can be used only during business.

Free Wi-Fi

We lowered the price of Halal chicken!
New Price: 858 yen (excluding tax)

Halal Chicken

New Arrival!

RUSTO'S Tempeh
For Halal
Net Weight: 250 g
Country of origin: Indonesia
Price: 440 yen (excluding tax)

We changed the brand of Basmati rice to HAJJI BABA. This is the high grade premium rice. The price is the same as the previous basmati rice.
For Halal
Country of origin: Pakistan
Price: 2,700 yen (excluding tax)

KOBE Bon Chili, Spicy chilli sprinkle
Spicy level 10, 15, and 30
For Halal
Country of origin: Indonesia
Price: 398 yen (excluding tax)

Frozen Cream Daifuku
Strawberry, green tea, mango,and cafe au lait flavors
These are the sweets made by a famous Japanese confectionery manufacturer in Niigata-ken. Please try by all means!
For Halal
Country of origin: Japan

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Recommended Items

Cupid Yamato is the one-stop food store. It is very useful, because you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, fishes and sweets along with halal foods.

Fresh Fruits

Recommended items

PADMA Vegetable Samosa
For Halal and Vegetarian
Country of origin: Bangladesh
Net Weight: 400 g (10 pieces)
Price: 450 yen (excluding tax)

Vegetable Samosa

Turkish ice creams: chocolate, vanilla, green tea, strawberry, cherry and mango flavors
For Halal

Non-Alcoholic, and/or No Pork Japanese Sweets

Japanese Sweets

Indomie and POP MIE


For Vegetarian and Vegan customers

BEYOND TOFU: miracle protein, cube type and block type
These are new type tofu, 100% vegetable, and are not using milk.

Soy meats
These are no animal, so Muslims and Hindus can eat. There are used as a substitute for meat. No tempe.

Soy meat

Japanese Food Recipe

Fu and egg on rice
For Halal
No pork and non-alcoholic food

Fu and egg on rice