Japanese Foods

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There are halal, non-alcoholic, or no pork foods.

Note: Depending on the season it may not be in stock.

Soy meat
Soy meat

These soy meats are no animal, Muslims and Hindus can eat them.


Yaki fu


These are traditional Japanese ingredients called "Fu", no pork and non-alcoholic foods. We usually use them in miso soup and stew.


Since we want you to eat "fu", we introduce the easy recipes

Fu and egg on rice

Materials (for two people)
Yaki fu ... proper quantity
Egg ... 2
Onion ... 1/2
Soy sauce ... 2 tablespoons
Sugar ... 2 tablespoons
Dashi water ... 150 cc
Japanese leek (if you like)
Put dashi water, soy sauce, and sugar into a pan, and heat over medium.
Put the onions and boil.
Then put the yaki fu, and boil continue.
Put beaten eggs and stop fire, then cover.
Wait 30 seconds.
Place it on rice and put Japanese leek.


Fu-gashi (sweets)

Yaki fu ... Approx. 20 g
Sugar ... Approx. 10 g
Margarine (vegetable oil spread) ... Approx. 20 g
Warm the margarine in a frying pan. Be careful not to burn.
Add "fu", and bake them on golden brown, then add suger.


These are non-alcoholic, or no pork sweets.